Friday, September 23, 2011

What this blog is

Dianes Genealogy is all about how Diane (and I) do genealogy!

I will be posting hints and tips about
1) How to get started searching for your family (start asking your family members first)
2) How to use the internet to find your family (learn to use many search engines:,,,,,, and so on...)
3) How to organize your information (you really do need a computer and a genealogy program)
4) How to enrich your family genealogy (in addition to photos and copies of documents)
5) How to look at and understand old records, especially hand-written and in Swedish...
6) How to ask for help in your genealogy and family research (being specific and polite is best)

So who am I?
I am Chuck, and I help and assist Diane: I drive the car to the cemeteries, libraries, churches, government offices. I book the motels/hotels and plan the driving routes to distant cities and towns. I take the photos of tombstones and buildings in our research.

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